Hi! My name is Heber and these are the things I create with my hands, influenced by the things that inspire me. It's been approximately two years since I came to the realization that I wanted to make more things I could touch and feel, something that has always resonated strongly with me but that I rarely made the time for. As a graphic designer I spend most of my creative energy working on the computer. While design is something I am still excited about it doesn't provide the same satisfaction as creating a tangible item from scratch, by hand.

Pen making started as an experiment in making something uniquely for me that has blossomed into an obsession with the beauty of nature (wood), a unique perspective into writing styles (through all of you), and a serendipitous intersection of my day job and my passion. As you may notice most of my holders are influenced by things that I love: design, architecture, chairs, geometry--which are often expressed in flat planes and sharp angles.



What's the difference?

First of all, everything on here is made by outer space organisms powered by Erik Spiekermann interviews and Le Corbusier trivia so that's pretty unique. The significant difference between my holders and most is that mine are not turned on a lathe (oh how I wish I could clear coat that easily), rather they are hand shaped with several tools into non-traditional forms I find aesthetically pleasing.

While I enjoy working with natural wood most of my pens start off as either unique natural and dyed burls or custom made hybrid blanks limited to small runs of 1-4. Most importantly, however, they are designed to fit comfortably in your hand by creating more organic contact points where the pen rests and between your fingers. This, combined with a proper pen thickness, can help prevent a death grip and generally reduce writing fatigue. 


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